dinsdag 21 juli 2009

polderlicht en het amsterdam dance event

En ook dit keer is Polderlicht tegelijkertijd met het Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). En ook dit keer hebben zijn we deel van hun specials-programma. Polderlicht biedt weliswaar geen dance, maar electronische klanken en videokunst zullen weer volop aanwezig zijn. Dit staat op de site van het ADE:

Polderlicht offers several kinds of ambient, abstract and drone-like electronic sounds, as part of an installation or performed live, making it a highly interesting visit for ADE guests with an edgier taste.

Contrasts galore:
Jan-Bas Bollen & Byungyun Kwon present a shocking, sometimes even nauseating light and sound installation somewhere underground (!), while young Israeli Yehudit Mizrahi will enchant you with actual songs: beautiful balladry with weird-but-smooth beats and sounds, presented in a live setting.

German musician
Carl Ludwig Hübsch (foto) and American composer Jay Alan Jin each provide intense soundscapes for equally intense video installations. So does Ronald van der Meijs, but with a way more dreamy result. And there's Marc Bain, a notorious American sound artist [...] with low frequency rumble.

And here's the good news: where the Amsterdam Dance Event lasts until saturday, Polderlicht is also on sunday, which means that all ADE-visitors have the opportunity to come and visit. And you know what: the entrance is free!